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The future of infrastructure

Printfrastructure™ is our trademarked identity for 3D concrete printed infrastructure components, together with the end-to-end supply capability that supports production.

By 2030, we aim for Printfrastructure to capture a 2% share of the market, removing 5% of all carbon from the sector.

Delivering green growth in highways, water and rail

Transforming our infrastructure is a critical factor in reaching the UK’s Net Zero commitments. It shouldn’t have to be a choice between progress and the planet. Our Printfrastructure clients are leading the way in low-carbon concrete printing.

net zero

Together for a Net Zero future

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See the journey of the UK’s first 3D printed water chamber from concept to testing.

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Hear how we’ve been collaborating with partners to create the UK’s first 3D concrete printed asset in the rail sector.

What are the benefits?


Rapid and flexible printing onsite and offsite


Potential to reduce steel reinforcement within structures


Print with less material


Reduce waste by printing on demand


Local supply chain that supports the reduction of the overall carbon footprint


Quick drying mortar which does not use cement

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to join the United Utilities Innovation Lab. The Lab is a fantastic opportunity to deliver our sustainability goal of creating a built environment that leaves a lighter footprint on our planet. We will work together to showcase what the future of a greener, more sustainable water industry could look like.
“ChangeMaker3D have introduced us to other industries. We’ve been collaborating with HS2 – sharing experiences and learning together so that we can push ourselves further and faster for the benefit of the UK.”
Lisa Mansell, Chief Innovation Engineer, United Utilities​

Utilities (Water)

Working with United Utilities, we achieved a first in the UK by installing and beginning to use 3D concrete printed components – with significant carbon, cost and labour savings.

The partnership has led to the successfully design, 3D-printing and installation of a wastewater chamber at one of the utility company’s sites in Cumbria.

Contact us to find out how this technology can be adapted and deployed across the utilities sector.


Working with HS2’s London tunnels contractor SCS JV (Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture), we created the UK’s first onsite Printfrastructure Hub.

We were proud to demonstrate the first onsite 3D print of a concrete asset in the rail industry that has gone through a CAT 3 check and will be installed as part of the HS2 programme.

It’s a great example of how people and robots can work together for a greener, digital future.


Printfrastructure has immense potential to support National Highways in its strategy to create smarter, digital roads that connect people, businesses and communities.

We believe greener, safer, digital construction could play an important role in creating sustainable bridges, culverts and barriers.