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Technology with a conscience

What if you could have a library of assets, ready to print at the touch of a button?

3D concrete printing combines state-of-the-art robotics with print innovation. A component such as a wall is designed and digitally modelled. The robot then prints the component layer by layer, piping low-carbon mortar to an exact specification.

ASTM International

Combining in-house capability with global access

Whatever your needs, we use our networks and partnerships to match you to the right people and technology solutions. We combine our in-house print capability with access to a global market.

Our technology is independently tested and validated through BRE Group, giving you additional assurance that the solutions you invest in will meet British standards. We’re a proud member of the international ISO Committee for Additive Manufacturing.

Traditional construction? It's time for a re-print.


Saves cost

By saving on time, waste and labour, 3DCP can deliver cost savings of between 8-25%.

Saves time

The mortar is load bearing within an hour. Working together with partners, we aim to 3D print everything from walls to infrastructure components 25-40% faster than by traditional methods.


Saves labour

Through cutting edge robotics, our technology aims to create labour efficiencies and support greener, digital skillsversus traditional methods, without impacting jobs.


Saves the planet

3DCP can deliver carbon savings of 10-25%. Because everything is printed to fit a precise digital design, there is much less waste.


Improves Safety

3DCP can reduce the need for working at height or in confined spaces. We work with technology partners Plinx to further enhance onsite safety.

*Data based on controlled tests conducted between January and November 2022 and independently verified by BRE.

Client Testimonials

"ChangeMaker3D have introduced us to other industries. We’ve been collaborating with HS2 – sharing experiences and learning together so that we can push ourselves further and faster for the benefit of the UK."
United Utilities - Water for the North West
Lisa Mansell
United Utilities’ Chief Innovation Engineer
"Automation enabled by Printfrastructure’s 3D reinforced concrete printing creates a factory-like environment, both increasing efficient use of materials, and reducing our carbon footprint. It offers the industry new possibilities to make a step change in how projects are delivered."
Andrew Duck
SCS JV Temporary Works Manager
"In the future, you would drive to a site, see what is needed and select a component from a digital library. It would either be printed in situ or on the back of a truck. The end result is much, much less material and a more efficient process."
Paul Hosford
MD, Constructure