3D Construction Printing Standards are central to the global acceptance of 3DCP. We are proud to confirm that ChangeMaker3D is the UK Representative for the official Joint Group (JG80) under ISO / TC 261 – ASTM F42 (WG2). We are joining key global organisations, and now 35 member strong, spanning 07 time zones, gathered together and led by Stephan Mansour

Our Committee is here to define standards and quality requirements for Additive Manufacturing in Building & Construction (Structural and Infrastructure elements) in order to ensure high quality within a 3D Construction Printing facility or off-site printing. 

This will accelerate the scalable adoption of 3D printing in the Construction industry, enabling greater sustainability for the built environment. 

Our direct contribution to the international committee is the chance for the UK to have a central role in ensuring the highest possible standards. 

If you would like to know more about our role and the ISO, please get in touch.