Our tech

Technology with a conscience

Technology with a conscience

Our technology is what makes us unique – combining state-of-the-art
3D robotics and print innovation.

Saves the planet

CyBe mortar is 60% more environmentally friendly than Portland cement and aims to create a high level of thermal efficiency within our homes. Because our walls are printed to fit, there is less waste. ChangeMaker 3D aims to create carbon neutral homes.

Saves time

CyBe mortar is load bearing within an hour. We can build walls within 8 days, and working together with partners, we aim for our walls to be 62% faster to build than traditional brick walls. Building homes faster means we can house vulnerable people and generate rental incomes more quickly.

Saves labour

The skills shortage for bricklaying in the UK is expected to be as much as 25% by 2026. We can address this through cutting edge robotics. Our walls aim to save 43% of labour needed versus traditional brick walls, without impacting jobs.

Saves cost

By saving on time, waste and labour, and by having a home fit for living sooner, we aim to create cost savings across the whole building process.

Saves land

We can print walls onsite or offsite. Onsite, this allows us to design houses to fit tricky plots of land that are often overlooked. This potentially opens up more of the UK’s ‘brown field’ sites for building, helping to preserve the green belt.

We aim to build low-cost homes that are kinder to the planet and fit for living faster